Wow!! What a fantastic EARLY garden show you'll get from these beauties! They are often called 'Lenten Roses' because they bloom around February-March, during Lent. Hellebores are shade loving evergreen plants and their flowers are very long lived! What a great way to get a late winter lift in your garden!! And as an added bonus, they are deer and rabbit resistant and drought tolerant!!    

Full to part shade. 18-24" Height & Spread.  Zone 3.


While this annual ornamental oregano isn't new, it is an absolute beauty in the landscape - and we're very excited to offer it this year! It's a wonderful plant for pots and rock gardens with a lush trailing habit. When touched this drought tolerant plant it has the lovely, savory fragrance of oregano, which also makes it unattractive to deer! Grow in full sun!

Shrubs & Trees


MILKWEED - Cinderella

Here are the perfect plants to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden! Pink Swamp Milkweed 'Cinderella' grows 3'-5' tall and has average water needs, but can withstand wetter ground. 'Cinderella' is highly deer resistant and magnets for our little winged friends!
Full sun. 

Zone 4 


This tree-like shrub is a sure head turner and conversation piece for your garden! Also known as Contorted Filbert, or Corkscrew Hazel, this nut tree blooms in long, primrose yellow catkins in late winter and early spring.  However, since this cultivar rarely produces nuts, the real prize is in the winter interest of it's heavily contorted and spiraling branches! This is one shrub that truly comes into its full glory AFTER it loses it's leaves in the fall! What a great addition to your winter landscape! 

Full sun to part shade. 10-15' Height & Spread.  Zone 4.


Just a Few of Our New Plants and Flowers for 2017