So cute, but as you know deer can wreak havoc in your garden. Click here for a complete list of plants that are deer resistant, and let us know if you have any questions!

Deer-Resistant Flowers and Plants

Xeriscaping combines regular conservation techniques with the best elements of traditional landscaping and is perfect for the dry Central Oregon weather. It's possible to have a colorful and beautiful landscape while conserving water, and also conserves energy, time, and money. Click here for a complete list of plants that are more drought tolerant than other ornamental plants and do well in Central Oregon.

Drought-Tolerant Flowers and Plants (Xeriscaping)

Central Oregon's constantly changing weather can often challenge plants, trees and shrubs. Click here to download a list of Whistle Stop's favorite perennials and their descriptions. Here are a few extra perennials that we also recommend, which are best known for surviving whatever Mother nature throws at us in Central Oregon.

Whistle Stop Farm & Flowers offers a wide selection of brightly colored annual flowers and plants. We strongly believe that summertime in Central Oregon is a precious resource and you have to enjoy the color while you can. Click here to download a list of annuals and premium annuals along with their descriptions.

Perennials of Central Oregon

Annuals of Central Oregon

Flowers and Plants